Privacy Policy

At EyeTalk Systems, Inc., your privacy and the protection of your personal information is handled with great care. The following text will inform you on how we use and manage the information collected at our site.

Web Site Visits

Each time you visit EyeTalk Systems' Web Site, our server automatically logs your IP address. An IP address is basically the address of the computer making a request to our web server. No personal information or detail is obtained in this data interchange.

At EyeTalk Systems, logged IP addresses may be periodically reviewed and analyzed in an effort to monitor, maintain, and effectively improve our Web site. This information is retained for no other purpose and is not shared outside of EyeTalk Systems.

During a Web site visit, we may ask a customer for contact information (email address, telephone number, fax number, addresses for shipping/billing, and credit card information). This information can only be collected if the customer explicitly enters it into the various web page forms.

Customer Information

Once you make a purchase or request information from EyeTalk Systems, your name, shipping/mailing address, telephone number, email address and fax number are included in our customer file. This information is used to ensure a quick, efficient flow of products and services to you.

EyeTalk Systems may use your mailing address to send you marketing or technical inormation to keep you updated on our products.

Email addresses are never rented, sold or traded to third parties. Email addresses are used to communicate information of interest to you about EyeTalk Systems. Most importantly, this includes Order Confirmation and Shipment/Tracking Information for orders you have placed with us. We may also use your email address to send you EyeTalk Systems promotional emails. You may elect to opt out of any or all of these emails by writing to us, sending us an email, faxing us, or calling our customer service number. Information on how to contact us is given at the bottom of this page.

In the online ordering process, we ask for your telephone number so that we may contact you in the event that there is a problem with your order, e.g., an item may no longer be available, delivery addresses cannot be confirmed through the US Postal Service address data base, or other matters that would prevent us from fulfilling and shipping your order.

Your purchase from EyeTalk Systems, Inc. will appear on your credit card statement under the name Montessori N' Such, our sister company that processes all our credit card transactions and other order fulfillment tasks. We do not store credit card information and this information is not visible to any of our staff. Rather it is passed directly through to the payment processing agent, e.g.,, a separate corporate entity. Therefore, on subsequent visits to our Web Site, you will be asked to enter credit card information again. We process your credit card using state-of-art Server Gateway Technology, so you can rest assured that all possible steps have been taken to ensure the information you provide us is secure.

Web Site Security

EyeTalk Systems site is equipped with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL protocol enables encrypted, authenticated communications across the Internet. SSL uses public key encryption mechanisms, one of the strongest encryption methods available to protect data sent over the Internet. SSL provides 3 important services, all using public key techniques: Privacy, Authentication, and Message Integrity. Customer information sent is not discernible to anyone except the recipient.

Browsers that support the SSL encryption technology are called secure browsers. Online orders to EyeTalk Systems must be placed from a secure browser. Your browser will automatically enter the secure mode when you make purchases. When accessing our online order entry system using a secure browser, one can feel secure transmitting credit card or other confidential information sent over the Internet.

If you do not have a secure browser and would like to place orders, please contact us by phone, fax or US Postal Mail. EyeTalk Systems is not liable or responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of a browser that is not secure.


A "cookie" is a small piece of software code we're asking permission to place on your computer's hard drive. If you have set your browser to allow cookies, then your browser adds the code in a small file. Each cookie has a unique identifier and structure assigned by the sending Web site. Only the originating Web site can access a cookie left behind in a prior session (when you return to that site). Your identity will not become public information on the Internet because you visited our site. EyeTalk Systems uses cookies to:

  • Allow you to easily return to the site to retrieve information on previous orders.
  • Maintain a client/server connection or user "state" as you move between pages building an order.
  • Allow you to store your user ID.

Cookies cannot enable the web server to read from your hard drive, get your email address against your will, destroy files on your computer, create executable programs, or obtain sensitive information about you. Cookies from one site cannot be read by another site; your information cannot be passed from site to site.

If you feel that your privacy is being violated by the use of cookies, you can erase them at any time from your hard drive. However, any links developed with the Web site that sent the cookies are lost. In the case of an online order with EyeTalk Systems, the ability to retrieve an order would be lost.

Contact Information

Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

EyeTalk Systems, Inc.
5750 Zip Drive • Suite 1 • Fort Myers, FL 33905 USA
Tele. 239.690.3020 • Fax: 239.690.3019
Email: [email protected]

Note: We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy at any time without prior notification