Company Summary

EyeTalk Systems, Inc. was founded in 1993, and is based in Fort Myers, FL, USA.  The company designs and manufactures hardware and software systems to support user interaction with computer systems, emphasizing interaction with a combination of eye gaze and voice interaction. 

The company recently released a new product, EyeTalk®, which is an inexpensive desktop eye-tracking system that fits underneath a computer monitor. Included with the eye-tracker is the EyeVoice™ software that integrates eye-tracking and voice recognition to control a user interface.

The company manufactures
PixelPusher®, an inexpensive external (standalone) USB frame grabber that connects to a computer through a USB 2.0 port. There is no need to open your computer case to install an adapter card. You can display video on your computer from any analog video source: CCD cameras, VCRs, DVDs and camcorders. You can also record video to your hard disk.

PixelPusher® comes with an SDK that allows a software developer to create a PixelPusher® enabled application. Any Windows client program that can link to a general Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) can readily access PixelPusher®. Support for the free and extensive OpenCV library is provided for rapid development of image processing applications. A LabVIEW® support package is available for developers using this environment. 

Contact Information

Postal address
5750 Zip Drive, Suite #1, Fort Myers, FL 33905
General Information: [email protected]
Sales: [email protected]
Customer Support:  [email protected]